The NFocus production team will utilize its over twenty years of docu-reality storytelling experience, aided with the latest processes, creative styles, and technologies (multi-camera, handheld, aerial, and MōVI) to deliver organic, story-driven images. At NFocus, our goal is to deliver a message that brands your company in a positive light and drives business to your door, business line, and/or website. No matter the concept or the size of the production, the NFocus team approaches each creative project with inspired thinking and business processes to ensure smooth, effective campaigns are delivered to every client.

 Our talented family of thinkers and doers - everyone from producers, directors, and editors -  will help guide you through all phases of your production. We will work closely with you and your creative team to ensure your video engages the consumer and remains true to your creative team’s concept and your brand. We welcome the challenge of driving every stage of every project too. Casting, scripting, scouting, production management, filming (naturally!), editing, animation, scoring… it’s all in our wheelhouse.