General Information

We are currently accepting applications for our summer Nterns program. For all areas of film and video production, interns are expected to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week during the eight week internship period from June 6th through July 29th, 2016. NFocus will do its best to accommodate students with special time restrictions or schedules.

It is preferred that internships are offered for credit and that a formal arrangement is made between NFocus and the intern’s college or university. Internships are therefore unpaid. However, this is an opportunity to gain experience with professional filmmakers as well as develop three to four original projects that can be used in a demo reel, listed on a resume, and submitted to festivals. The number of interns NFocus hires is determined by the needs of the agency and varies from semester to semester.


All interns must meet minimum qualifications to be considered for a NFocus internship. They must be:

  • Enrolled at an accredited four- or five-year college or university
  • A junior, senior or graduate student
  • A declared major in film studies, advertising, marketing, mass communications or public relations
  • On track to receive a bachelor’s or advanced degree from a college or university

Application Procedures

Candidates must complete an application form and submit it with a cover letter and resume. Additional application items, such as writing or demo reels, may be required as needed. Applicants are asked to identify available time frames and general weekly availability on the application. All applicants applying will receive an acknowledgement upon successful submission of their resumes. We do our best to get back with all students in a timely fashion. Candidates will be contacted by phone or e-mail for an interview if their application is being considered.

Application Deadline

2016 Summer Nterns (6/6/16 - 7/29/16) - Applications due April 29, 2016

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